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A Feast of Flight

A Feast of Flight is Cape Town’s one of a kind pole and aerial extravaganza created and produced by The Pole Project, presented in collaboration with instructors and students from numerous studios around the city.

We love pushing boundaries and creating unique, magical things that are truly out of this world. This is a slick, professional pole dancing production where all the acts are linked and interwoven with a storyline. A non-verbal dance and performance art piece, if you will.

Each year The Pole Project aims to put a modern twist on a much-loved classic, and every year the show goes beyond a showcase of aerial artistry and daring pole dance acts into the realm of the unimaginable.

In 2017, the production’s inaugural event, The Pole Project took A Feast of Flight audience members on a journey with Alistair, in Wonderland.

In 2018 we met the peculiar confectionary maven, Willy Wonka and his famous Oompa Loompas as we followed five competitors battling it out to be the chocolate factory’s new “icon”.


2019 saw us following Doug on a trip down the yellow brick road, where we met all the weird and wonderful characters he runs into along the way. From his encounters with the Scarecrow, the Tinwoman and the Not-So-Cowardly Lion, to Glinda, the Wicked Witch and the Wizard; Doug experiences a new lease on life when he realises his true self… DORIS. 

2022 took us on a coming-of-age adventure. We joined Wendy on her journey to Never Have I Ever Land, where she encountered evocative characters, forbidden fruits and otherworldly fantasies... allowing her to step into her power and embrace womanhood.

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The Pole Factor

The Pole Factor is an annual competition held in Cape Town, hosted by The Pole Project. From its inauguration in 2015, it celebrates the athleticism and artistry of pole dance with showcases from three different styles of the discipline:

Pole Artiste – the artistic side of pole; expression, interpretation, and movement.

Pole Provocateur – the exotic side of pole; sensual movement, exotic heels and feels.

Pole Duets – doubles on the pole; two dancers incorporating any of the two styles above.

Pole Cubs – for our pole kids and teens, focussing on the artistic style of pole dance.

There are Amateur, Advanced and Elite divisions for the solo categories, Amateur and Elite divisions
for the Duets category, and Petite Cubs (6-12 years) and Teen Cubs (13-17 years) for the Cubs category.

Open to male and female, national and international contestants, The Pole Factor demands that
competitors show-off their X-factor – that undefinable “je ne sais quoi” that makes for star quality.

We always have the most incredible support from our community of sponsors that assist in getting the event off the ground and providing awesome prizes for our daring winners!

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The Pole Factor

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The Pole Project


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