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First-timers, we would advise that you book a Saturday Trial Class before signing up to the Beginner Pole Fitness Classes.


Cape Town’s elite pole dance studio, offering group and private pole fitness, pole dance and stretch classes.

Pole dance is a mind-blowing melange of gymnastics, dance and circus elements that delivers a rigorous workout. We are focussed on delivering first class training and our classes cover all elements of pole dance and fitness, including conditioning, spins, tricks, transitional moves, floor work and flexibility, covering every facet of your training needs and enabling us to nurture well-rounded pole dancers.

You will find students from first time beginners (no fitness level or prior experience needed) to advanced levels, ages 5 to 60+ years, men and women of all ethnicities, shapes, and sizes. We welcome you to join our tribe!

The studio offers the perfect space for bachelorettes and parties, and our experienced instructors are available for hire as performers.


As a key player in the pole world, our celebrated live shows and events also bring the SA pole community together.

Our Classes



Each pole fitness class consists of a warm-up, strength conditioning exercises, pole tricks and/or spins instruction, and a cool down. Pole fitness is a full body workout that builds on your fitness, tone, strength, endurance and flexibility. It demands an incredible amount of coordination and balance – learning to control spins, holding your bodyweight in the air, and performing a routine will strengthen muscles throughout your body, including your core strength. It releases endorphins, builds confidence and self-esteem in a warm and supportive community.

Never tried pole before? Sign up for a trial class, exclusively for first timers where we will show you all the basics! For experienced polers looking to join us, check out our “Classes” page for a breakdown on our levels.



Learn contemporary dance inspired sequences combined with freestyle play, designed to increase your pole movement vocabulary while also focussing on musical and emotional connectivity.

Improve your fluidity, sense of musicality, lines, and expression with the use of dynamic and contrasting movement on and around the pole. Learn to combine moves into one beautiful flowing piece, while most importantly developing and adding your own individuality!

Minimum level of BEGINNER 2 required to join this class.



The sensual side of pole dance, with a focus on elements of dance, musicality, fluidity, seductive movement, base work and low flow. This discipline explores graceful flows around the pole, intricate transitions, refined movement quality and acrobatic elements.

We teach different Exotic styles at the studio e.g. Exotic Hard (technical, hard-hitting, fast and aggressive movements), Exotic Flow (smoother, often slower) and Exotic Old School (raw, classique, stripper style). It demands endurance, flexibility and strength and allows you to tap into your sensuality, build confidence, body awareness and lots of ATTITUDE.

Ages 18+ only. Heels are recommended, but not compulsory.

Kneepads are necessary. Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced levels available.




Let us transform you into beasts and ninjas.

This class is all about power: strength training and conditioning on and off the pole, plus flexibility to add to the balance.

If you want to take your repertoire to the next level, this class will allow you to train and practice your power moves and build your strength rapidly.

All levels welcome.


Flex &

Flexibility greatly improves performances in any sport, everyday activities, and lessens the chance of injury. Our Flex & Bend classes build your range of mobility with exercises and effective techniques that focus on correct active engagement and targeted conditioning. Develop strong and sustainable flexibility SAFELY by learning how to ACTIVATE deeper, SUPPORT your range of motion and help you progress further.

Our flexibility coaches are highly skilled and experienced in flexibility and contortion training.
Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced and Open levels available.


Pole and non-pole dancers welcome.



Our handstands classes focus on structured exercises that target building strength and balance throughout the body, along with body awareness and mobility in your wrists, shoulders and hips.

Build your upper body strength AND learn proper technique for this superhuman skill with us.

All levels welcome. This class will reinforce the fundamental skills, drills and conditioning required for handstands, whilst challenging the more advanced individual to expand on their current skill set.



Superheroes in the making! Combine play time with building strength, flexibility and promoting health and wellness in children. We currently offer private classes for kids from ages 5+, where we will cover basic gymnastics and acrobatic skills, pole skills, body weight training and aerial hoop skills.

Flex & Bned
Fly Kids

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