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Cape Town’s elite pole dance studio, offering group and private pole fitness, pole dance and stretch classes.

Pole dance is a mind-blowing melange of gymnastics, dance and circus elements that delivers a rigorous workout. We are focussed on delivering first class training and our classes cover all elements of pole dance and fitness, including conditioning, spins, tricks, transitional moves, floor work and flexibility, covering every facet of your training needs and enabling us to nurture well-rounded pole dancers.


You will find students from first time beginners (no fitness level or prior experience needed) to advanced levels, ages 5 to 60+ years, men and women of all ethnicities, shapes, and sizes. We welcome you to join our tribe!


Founder and owner of The Pole Project, Kathy Lee, is also a pole athlete and certified pole instructor. She used to work as a corporate lawyer before The Pole Project was born from a desire to teach the passion and spirit of pole dancing. Her love for pole dance has taken her all over the world, where she has trained, taught and performed internationally. Since the studio started in February 2014, The Pole Project tribe has grown into an exceptional collective of strong, fierce and dynamic instructors, consisting of some of the top pole athletes in the country.

Kathy’s vision for the studio, housed in a stunning industrial space, is a magical playground where people from all walks of life can train in pole dance as an outlet for their strength, creativity and agility. There are two studios on the premises, a changing room, shower facilities, a comfortable lounge area and ample secured parking in Buchanan Square.

The studio offers the perfect space for bachelorettes and parties, and our experienced instructors are available for hire as performers.

In addition, Kathy is the brains behind The Pole Factor, a celebrated annual pole dance competition in Cape Town; as well as A Feast of Flight, an annual pole and aerial dance theatre extravaganza and the first of its kind in the country.

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The Pole Project

  • What do I wear to Pole Dance Class?
    Wear comfortable, athletic, moveable clothing. We recommend that you wear shorts and a vest/tank top, as you will find that many pole moves require skin to pole contact.Most of our students train barefoot or wear dance shoes (no wedges, boots or trainers).For our exotic pole classes kneepads are necessary to protect your knees. We also recommend heels. If you’re not quite ready for it, then bring a pair of socks so it would be easier to slide around like a slinky creature.stion go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Can I Pole fully clothed if that is what my belief/religion calls for
    Poles come in a range of different finishes, which affect the grip factor when poling. A silicone finish pole would allow you to pole fully clothed; however, we do not have a silicone pole set up at The Pole Project studio. You are welcome to attend classes fully-clothed and use a more grippy powder-coated pole, but be aware that this may limit what you are able to achieve and therefore your progression.
  • What do I need to bring to Class?
    (1) A small towel: to clean both your hands and the pole whilst training, as sweat and oils build up. (2) A water bottle, as it is important to stay hydrated whilst you’re breaking a sweat! (3) Buckets of ENTHUSIASM for a fun and challenging workout and a bloody awesome time. DON’T use any moisturisers on the day of your class (it makes your skin slippery).
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Our cancellations periods are as follows: Drop-in, Trial and Private classes - 24 hours in advance All morning classes - 12 hours in advance Evening group classes - 6 hours in advance Any missed bookings without prior notice will not be refunded or rescheduled as spots are limited.

Our Facilities

Our Facilities


The Pole Project


Mon - Fri: 12pm - 8pm
Saturday: 9am - 12pm


ACCOUNT NAME: The Pole Project (Pty) Ltd
BANK: Investec Bank Limited

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